Aims and Objectives

For Our Pupils
  • To recognise potential and celebrate success in whatever form it takes
  • To value each individual’s contribution to school life
  • To equip pupils with the skills and necessary knowledge to live as independent a life as possible
  • To prepare and equip pupils to be members of a social group, community and to uphold British Values
  • To enable maximum opportunity to extend lifelong learning in whatever form that takes.
  • To encourage respect for themselves and others
  • To promote healthy choices leading to a healthy life style
  • To encourage pupils to be self-motivated and as far as possible to develop a responsibility for their own learning during their school career and beyond
  • To promote a positive and an enquiring attitude to learning
  • To promote pride and a sense of ownership in their school and community
  • To promote lifelong emotional health and well-being
For our Parents, Carers and Families
  • To encourage a partnership between home and school
  • To encourage parental involvement and supporting families in advocating for their children
  • To have excellent methods of communication between home and school using a variety of paper and online platforms.
  • To provide high quality extra-curricular and after school activities, clubs and trips
Of our Holistic Curriculum
  • To provide a stimulating curriculum that places the individual as its focus and that recognises the development of the whole child
  • To provide a curriculum that engages learners in meaningful work
  • To engage positively with the local and wider community and utilise this as part of the learning experience
  • To endeavour to provide integrated provision across a range of specialisms to maximise access for all
  • To advocate for a personalised approach creating possibilities for the individual
  • To provide extra-curricular activities that will extend pupils’ experiences
  • To seek out innovative ways of improving the quality of teaching and learning ensuring individual pupil need is always at the top of the curriculum offer.
  • To promote learning for life which includes experiences that promote and sustain emotional health and well-being
  • To continually identify opportunities for inclusion across the curriculum in its broadest sense
  • To use research to develop and extend the holistic curriculum
Of our Staff and Governors
  • To promote the school as a local, regional and national centre of excellence
  • To effectively monitor, assess and evaluate pupil outcomes
  • To communicate effectively and with purpose to ensure the pupils’ needs are placed at the heart of decision making
  • To ensure there are opportunities for all staff to develop their skills and expertise to ensure high standards of teaching that is matched to need
  • To share skills, enthusiasm, subject knowledge and research findings within the school and wider learning community
  • To provide a secure, nurturing and supportive environment that encourages holistic learning
  • To strive for the highest possible standards
  • To have the highest personal expectations of each pupil
  • To maintain excellent practice through self-evaluation and professional review
  • To promote an inclusive approach in all aspects of school and community life