Governors – Dr Ann-Marie Houghton

Dr Ann-Marie Houghton

I am the Local Authority governor and Chair of Governors a role which has provided me with a rich and varied opportunity to work alongside a talented and hard-working group of staff and governors all committed to working together to provide a quality education to enable all our pupils to reach their full potential. Over the years, I have helped to appoint our current school leaders, and many teachers and teaching assistants whose creativity and commitment to our pupils and each other is an essential part of the school’s achievements. I have enjoyed helping school to prepare for a range of awards including Investors in People, Arts Mark, Parent School Partnerships, Health School and ICT Awards provides a fascinating opportunity to learn more about the day to day curriculum and learning opportunities at school.

My role as governor draws on my training as a primary school teacher and my work at Lancaster University where I work in the Dept. of Educational Research. I really enjoyed working with our staff and teachers at partner schools to undertake teacher research. I am pleased to have facilitated links with staff and students at the University, who have visited school, offered activities and networking opportunities, including the recently formed Teacher University Research Network.

When visiting school, it is a pleasure to meet our pupils and hear first-hand about the things they have been learning, and always welcome the chance to meet our parents. I am proud to be a part of such a vibrant community that values the contribution of everyone.

Ann-Marie Houghton

Type : Local Authority
Responsibility : Teaching and Learning, Safeguarding including on-line safety, PREVENT, Equality (Race/Gender/DDA)
Committee(s) : Chair of Governors, Chair of Curriculum Committee, Personnel, Buildings and Finance, Staff Attendance, Review and Dismissal Committee, Pay Committee
Work Stream : School to School Support, Extending footprint
Date of Appointment : 22/01/2020
Term of Office End Date : 31/10/2024
Appointed By : Governing Body
Declaration of interest : N/A