Careers and Transition


All pupils and students at the Loyne have access to our careers curriculum which is underpinned by the Preparing for Adulthood framework. As part of the whole school journey through careers the content enables pupils and students to be as fully equipped as possible for life beyond the Loyne.

Careers education is documented within the Key Stage 1-4 Faculty Guide for Contributing and the FE Faculty Guide for Employment. The Gatsby benchmarks are used as an evaluation tool to monitor and develop the careers education against national standards.

This journey is demarcated by key transition points that involve a wider professional team (from Health and Social Care), alongside families and the young person, in capturing the support needed to complete a personalised Pathway Plan.

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“Thank you for allowing us to see in person the Whole Approach being implemented with real life scenarios across the school. It was absolutely great to see the school and the students in each of the classes with their TA’s and Teachers who were providing very positive support and excellent interactions”

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Work Experience

Careers Overview

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Transition Planning

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Compass Assessment Scores based on the Gateby Benchmarks

Compass Assessment Scores based on the Gateby Benchmarks