Curriculum – EYFS – Personalised Learning Outcomes

Throughout the holistic curriculum we endeavour to meet the needs of each child and our overarching aim is to meet outcomes that are identified as priority learning areas as specified in the EHCP. To support this, there are themes throughout each phase of a child’s journey that ensure that each route progresses smoothly (See The Loyne Learning Journey).

Pupils’ personalised outcomes (PLOs) which are derived from their Annual Review Targets are incorporated into their learning maps and highlighted for ease of reference.  Within the timetable there is a discrete allocation of lessons for the delivering of PLOs know as Personalised Learning Outcome Time or PLOT as these tend to be pupil specific rather than thematic in nature.

Overarching Aim

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Key Stage

Broad Long Term Outcomes
(2- 4 years)

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Annual Review

Medium Term – 1 year
Working towards EHCP outcome
(Indicates a pupil’s personalised curriculum)

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Personalised Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Short term
Working towards Annual Review outcomes

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Small Step Targets

Taught throughout the curriculum & in Personalised Learning Outcomes Time (PLOT)