Curriculum – EYFS – Topics

Faculties of Learning and Key Skills merge together and are delivered through a rolling plan of topics which provide a range of stimulating and motivational learning contexts to develop children’s skills,
knowledge and understanding.

Topic Cycle – Eden

Year 1 Autumn 2023

topics Yr1 primary - colour and light icon
Colour & Light

Year 1 Spring 2024

topics Yr1 primary - once upon a time icon
Once Upon a Time

Year 1 Summer 2024

topics - Splish, Splash, Splosh into the sea icon

Splish, Splash, Splosh into the Sea

Year 2 Autumn 2024

topics Yr2 primary - We're not Scared icon
We’re not Scared!

Year 2 Spring 2025

topics Yr2 primary - Feeling Fresh & eating green icon
Feeling Fresh & Eating Green

Year 2 Summer 2025

topics - How does my garden grow icon

How does my Garden Grow?

For more information on this term’s topics go to Curriculum – Termly Information for Parents & Timetables.