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FE Curriculum Intent, Implementation & Impact

The FE Centre provides a three-year programme which has been developed to allow students to have choices and to access high quality courses with the maximum amount of stretch regardless of starting point or rate of progression.

Our curriculum is dynamic and it evolves to meet the requirements of each cohort, each year. Curriculum leaders and the senior leadership team monitor curriculum implementation to ensure that there is a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our over-arching FE curriculum is therefore reflected through four faculties of learning which match those of the Preparing for Adulthood Pathways. These strands are not taught within a linear context, but are interwoven into the curriculum offer for all students.

For further information about the FE Centre curriculum, planning, assessment, recording and reporting systems please refer to our FE Centre CPARR Policy document.

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Curriculum Impact

Our curriculum provision is reviewed at individual, class and whole school level.

Progress towards outcomes is carefully tracked by class staff and monitored regularly by senior leaders.

Areas for development are incorporated into school improvement where appropriate.

Download further information on how we measure the impact of our curriculum.

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