Curriculum – Lesson Planning

All aspects of the school day is planned for, whether formally or otherwise.  The Curriculum Guide and Personalised Learning Map support teachers with short term lesson planning (and incorporates learning activities, resources, lesson structure and assessment opportunities).

Planning can either reflect one lesson or a series of lessons as detailed on the planner and there is flexibility to use a variety of planning documents in order to ensure that pupils are always working towards achieving their identified learning outcomes. Each class teacher is responsible for creating their own timetable and each Faculty of Learning or curriculum area may have a different weighting depending on the provision required.

Curriculum areas may be taught throughout the term or they may be ‘blocked’ and taught within a condensed time frame.  This may be particularly helpful where some content sits outside the termly topic and blocking teaching time will provide a greater contextual framework for pupils.

Termly Curriculum Information for Parents and Timetables for each class can be found under our Parents Section – Termly class curriculum information and Timetables.