Curriculum – Programme of Topics – Primary

Primary topics have been carefully created to reflect learning contexts that are familiar to pupils (e.g. their home, shops, farm, park) to enhance meaningful learning opportunities for key skill development. Our curriculum strives to enable pupils to apply skills learned in school to other local settings and environments as this will promote better life outcomes

Topic Cycle – Ambleside

Year 1 Autumn 2023

topics Yr1 primary - colour and light icon
Colour & Light

Year 1 Spring 2024

topics Yr1 primary - once upon a time icon
Once Upon a Time

Year 1 Summer 2024

topics Yr1 primary - How does my garden grow icon
How does my Garden Grow?

Year 2 Autumn 2024

topics Yr2 primary - We're not Scared icon
We’re not Scared!

Year 2 Spring 2025

topics Yr2 primary - Feeling Fresh & eating green icon
Feeling Fresh & Eating Green

Year 2 Summer 2025

topics Yr2 primary - Splish, Splash, Splosh into the sea icon
Splish, Splash, Splosh into the Sea

Topic Cycle – Cartmel

Year 1 Autumn 2024

topics Y1 coniston where I live icon
Where I live

Year 1 Spring 2025

topics - Y1 coniston how we play icon
How we Play!

Year 1 Summer 2025

topics - Y1 Coniston going to the shops icon
Going to the Shops!

Year 2 Autumn 2025

topics - Y2 Coniston ways I can travel icon
Ways I can Travel

Year 2 Spring 2026

topics - Y2 Coniston dinosaur roar icon
Dinosaur Roar

Year 2 Summer 2026

topics - Y2 Coniston going to the farm icon
Going to the Farm
Year 3 Autumn 2023
topics - Y3 Coniston superheroes icon
Year 3 Spring 2024
topics - Y3 Coniston all kinds of weather icon
All kinds of Weather
Year 3 Summer 2024
topics - Y3 coniston looking after me icon
Looking after Me

Topic Cycle – Buttermere, Coniston & Easedale

Primary aged pupils are generally grouped by their curriculum requirements, taking age into account. Each class follows a different cycle through the topics.

Year 1 Autumn
Topics Yr1 Castle
Who Lives in a Castle?
Year 1 Spring
Topics Yr1 - Primary Where is Peter Rabbit icon

How does my Garden Grow?

Year 1 Summer
topics Y1 - Primary beside the seaside icon
Beside the Seaside
Year 2 Autumn 
topics Yr2 - Primary The Way Things Grow icon
The Way Things Grow
Year 2 Spring
topics Y2 - Primary Earth, Space, Wind & Fire icon
Earth, Space, Wind & Fire
Year 2 Summer
topics Y2 - Primary nature detectives icon
Nature Detectives
Year 3 Autumn
topics Y3 - Primary Woodland world icon
Woodland World
Year 3 Spring
topics Y3 - Primary What Can I Build icon
What Can I Build?
Year 3 Summer
topics Y3 - Primary Going to the Zoo icon
Going to the Zoo