Learning to ride a bike and cycling as a leisure and fitness activity has many benefits for all our pupils. We have therefore invested a large amount in developing opportunities for cycling. We have built a cycle track and bike store, purchased a wide range of high quality two-wheeled and adapted bikes, which are regularly maintained and repaired and we have also trained our staff to work with our pupils at whatever level of cycling ability.

At key times each day you will find pupils using bikes on the cycle track or within school. This may be as part of a sensory diet, physiotherapy or a fitness programme.

Most pupils will progress through our own ‘Loyne Pedal Awards’ programme. This rewards each step along the way of developing early cycling skills with certificates. Many pupils will be patiently taught how to ride a two-wheeled bike and eventually have the opportunity to follow a national ‘Bikeability’ training course at level 1 or even level 2.

Cycling as an enjoyable leisure activity is encouraged and we have organised group cycle rides along some of the cycle tracks that run close to school and link Heysham to Caton and Glasson Dock. On a number of occasions parents have been invited to participate in these excursions and develop their own confidence in cycling with their children.