Home School Communication

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Class Dojo

Parents & carers can communicate directly with the class team via messaging. Please note that this is for general information sharing only. School will share other information such as letters via class or school story. At the beginning of each term the class timetable, curriculum information and learning map or personalised learning outcomes will be sent home for parents & carers to read. At the end of each term parents/carers will receive their child’s learning journal which provides an overview of their learning and participation that term. 

Website – Parents & Carers Pages & Portal

There is a dedicated parents page on the website containing important information about the school curriculum, upcoming events etc. There is also a parents portal which hosts an extensive range of information and material for supporting children with SEND and their families.


Is used to share whole school news and signposts to external agencies. Posts are created regularly to showcase learning activities from classes.

Text Messages

Reminders are often sent via text message. These will contain short messages or signpost parents & carers to another platform to check for messages.

Telephone Calls

Are used to share and discuss information of a sensitive nature. This might be where a parent has a query which requires a longer response than can be provided on dojo or where a staff member would like to share an important message.

Home Visits

Visits are typically offered annually and are an opportunity for members of the class team to meet parents/carers in the pupil’s home environment.

In-School Meetings

Two meetings are scheduled with the class teacher through the academic year to discuss progress – the Annual review of a pupils EHCP and the end of year progress meeting, Other meetings such as Multi-disciplinary meetings may be held outside of these when needed.