Learning Outside the Classroom

At The Loyne we believe in teaching pupils in the most engaging way, often within real-world situations. For this reason, we have invested heavily in the development of the school grounds. We are very lucky to have 2 horticulture areas on our school grounds, one for our primary pupils and a horticulture area with poly-tunnel for secondary and FE students, a cycle track specifically designed for our youngest pupils and 1 for our older students, two outdoor lodges. Our older students are able to access our outdoor kitchen facilities which is a very recent addition to the school grounds. Classes will often be found taking part in lessons within any of these areas, with pupils (KS1-4) all having a weekly timetabled LOtC session.

Within the local area we have a wonderful range of facilities and exciting environments which we are able to utilise for the benefit of our pupils. This can be as regular curriculum activities, one-off educational visits or residential opportunities. Pupils are taught about the local area and how to access the facilities available. On occasions families are invited to join us on some of our educational visits and to share the experience of their children exploring and learning in new outdoor environments.

We believe that at is important for our pupils to appreciate and look after the world they live in and we encourage this through the development of “The Loyne 100 things to do outdoors” alongside seasonal outdoor home learning activities.