Let’s Listen & Move 2

This CD (Now an Electronic MP3 Download) is the second in the Let’s Listen & Move series. These CDs has been designed for children primarily, (but not exclusively) on the autistic spectrum, many of whom benefit from a regular structured physical programme linking music and specific movement. All the activities have been carefully chosen and piloted with children of all ages and abilities in a variety of settings.

Each activity is introduced verbally by a simple instruction; the music then begins with a sung instruction which is gradually faded out. The music that has been commissioned for this CD is jazzy, varied and appeals to all ages.

Firm pressure using cushions (we recommend balance discs) across the body promote increased body awareness and also provides increased proprioceptive feedback. In addition opportunities to balance on the cushions assists core stability. These activities are very calming to the sensory defensive system for the child on the autistic spectrum.

This 20 minute CD linking music and movement was devised by staff from The Loyne Specialist School with advice from senior paediatric physiotherapist Karen Leslie.

The music specially composed and sung by Andy and Lily Whitfield.