Primary and Secondary Departments

Primary and Secondary

As pupils’ transition to the primary department, they continue to access a holistic, tailored and themed curriculum which continues to prioritise the teaching of key skills. Preparation for Adulthood remains the scaffold upon which the learning is built.

Communication & Language, Behaviour and Awareness, Movement and Co-ordination and Thinking Skills are planned through every curriculum area. Pupils are taught in small and whole class groups to develop the ‘learning to learn’ skills needed to engage with learning activities and make progress towards their EHCP outcomes and curriculum targets. Individual sessions may be utilised where needed.

Pupils follow a cycle of topics and these are crafted, either from subject based content (River or Ocean Pathways) or activities which promote early developmental engagement (Lake Pathway). We use the locality of the school, Lancaster, Morecambe and the home to support the generalisation of learning and topics focus upon teaching skills, knowledge and understanding in these contexts which are familiar to the pupils e.g. ‘Going to the Shops’ or ‘Looking after Me’. Our aim, within primary is to promote learning across settings and beyond the school day.

Through our approach to Home Learning, school and parents/carers work together to support pupils to generalise their skills and knowledge between settings. For example, school provides workshops, webinars and resources (such as symbols, social stories etc) that parents can implement in the home. Supporting our pupil’s communication and behaviour across settings to embed learning is key to their progress.

As pupils move into the secondary department there is a greater emphasis on developing their skills, knowledge and understanding about the wider world to better prepare them for transition to Further Education and their life beyond school. Topics, such as ‘Music and Theatre’ or Across the Oceans’ continue to be a vehicle for the teaching of key skills. Secondary topics also incorporate Careers Education and there are opportunities for pupils to gain accreditation through following ASDAN programmes of study.

Pupil using a Laptop

“The curriculum, its delivery and, above all the staff at all levels have been exemplary”

“Just wanted to drop a message to say how AMAZING you all are supporting our children and enabling them to deliver a BRILLIANT class assembly this morning. Well done to you all! We are are both super proud parents and yet again in awe of the excellent teaching at the Loyne! Thank you all so much”