School Council

Our School Council at the Loyne School is made up of a representative of each class, or an advocate if more appropriate. At the beginning of the year, members of the class nominate themselves for the role, which is followed by the students voting.

The Council meet twice a term when we discuss ways that we can improve the school.

The Council also represent the Eco-Schools Committee when we think about how we can improve our ‘green’ rating.

Some of the school councillors have special roles:

    • The Secretary, who is responsible for recording what we have done via a Dictaphone
    • The Treasurer, who is responsible for remembering that we need to buy juice and biscuits for our meetings
    • The Chair, who is responsible for beginning and ending our discussions and checking whether everyone has shared their thoughts and ideas.


school council image

The School Council is an important way for the students to have a voice in the running of the school, and to think about and share what their peers might like.

Some of the changes our school council have made include acquiring new footballs for our outdoor areas and coming up with new ideas for our school disco.

As one member of the School Council described their role recently:

“It’s to make the school more perfect”

The School Council will take on this challenge!