School Improvement

This improvement plan is the operational action plan to ensure our strategic priorities are achieved. The School Development Plan (SDP) is a long term document (3 years) whereas the SIP relates directly to areas of immediate improvement. The plan relates to the 4 key areas of focus in the revised OFSTED framework (2015) to support meaningful self-evaluation. Governors are also included in the SIP to highlight their role in school improvement.

The main focus of the SIP is the outcomes for learners, and this is implicit within our objectives for the coming year. We do not have a separate heading for this. The purpose of the school improvement plan is to identify new or continuing key areas for school improvement over the remains of the financial year, and to outline the actions to be taken. All this is done to secure the achievement of our school vision and development priorities.

The plan is developed by, shared with and monitored by our whole school staff team including governors. This is through consultation and participation events held during the school year. Responsibility for monitoring the plan rests with the Leadership Team and Governing Body. Members of the team are responsible for overseeing the development of each key section of the plan as well as constructing the working document into this format.

Download the School Development Plan 2022-2025 (PDF)

Download the School Improvement Plan for Pupils (PDF) 2022/23 – Evaluation

Download the School Improvement Plan for Pupils (PDF) 2023/24