Site Security and Plan of School

We take the care and safety of our pupils very seriously. All the children’s play areas are secure with adequate fencing and gates.

Visitors must report to the Main Reception to ‘sign in’ using the inVentry system and be issued with a visitors badge and colour coded lanyard.

All visitors must wait in the entrance foyer so that the member of staff with whom they have an appointment can escort them around the school. More information can be seen below.

Security Information


The Loyne Specialist School places a high priority on providing a secure environment for pupils, staff and visitors at all times to create safe working conditions and promote the highest standards of care.


The Loyne Specialist School is committed to safeguarding and protecting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults as its number one priority.

Full copies of Policies and Procedures related to all aspects of Safeguarding, and the Complaints Policy, are available on request from the Head Teacher and Designated Senior Person for Safeguarding and Child Protection.


Management responsibility for School security is shared between the Governing Body, the Head Teacher, Senior Leadership Team and staff. All staff have a duty to comply with these arrangements which are made to ensure the safety of the School Community.

Controlled Access and Egress

Designated entrance doors are controlled by numerical keypad locks, the combinations of which are changed regularly. Only staff employed by School or medical staff based in school permanently have access to these codes.

Signage requests that all visitors report to Reception. Here all visitors are issued with a badge and a colour coded lanyard detailing their designation e.g. parent, governor, contractor or visitor. All visitors will be advised to wait in Reception until a member of staff can accompany them to their destination. Parents calling to collect their children during the school day will be asked to wait in Reception whilst a member of staff brings the child. All staff are expected to challenge any person on site who is not displaying a visitor badge.

Physical Security Measures

The School playgrounds are secured by fencing with child proof locks installed on gates. Staff are reminded and encouraged to ensure that these gates are locked after use.

There are external doors in every classroom (except Rydal and FE4) which provide access to play areas and exits in case of emergency. External doors are closed and locked when not in use and kept clear of equipment to allow prompt evacuation when required.

Pupil Attendance

School recognises that children who are registered at school and fail to attend are placing themselves at greater risk of either offending or becoming the victims of offending by others. As such, we have developed a whole school policy on attendance in discussion with staff, governors, parents and pupils taking account of relevant advice from the Department of Education and good practice identified by the Local Authority. Please also see leaflet on celebrating and promoting attendance.

Pupil Information

School recognises that efficient management of records is necessary to comply with legal and regulatory obligations and all pupil data is held according to Data Protection principles. Retention and disposal of pupil records is done according to recommendations contained within the Retention of Records Procedures.

Staff are reminded of their personal responsibility for safeguarding and protection of data and to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 together with any other legal, statutory or contractual obligations that School, the local Authority or the Managed ICT Service Provider deem to be relevant.

School Building Plan

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