The Loyne Learning Journey

Throughout their journey with us, children and young people are given opportunities to develop skills that will best prepare them for their future.

Working alongside parents, carers and the Local Authority, meaningful and personalised outcomes on the EHCP ensure that there is a focused and transparent route through education on to the next stage of each lifelong journey. Whilst the holistic curriculum we offer is individualised to meet the needs of each child and young adult, there are themes throughout each phase of this journey that ensure that each route progresses smoothly.

In Early Years, this journey will be delivered through an immersive, exploratory and play-based curriculum that aims to develop a foundation of skills and behaviours on which the children can commence their trajectory. Outcomes are set that reflect each child’s personal needs.

Throughout the Primary age phase, children are encouraged to develop their own sense of identity, preferences and opinions, communicated by their own preferred method. Their journey towards positive outcomes is concentrated on working around increased structure and boundaries whilst developing the necessary self-help skills, behaviours and functional abilities to enable them to access the world around them.

During their time in the Secondary age phase, there is a marked shift in the way in which outcomes are determined. At this stage, particularly from Year 9 onwards, the focus is on commencing the preparation for adulthood and ensuring that targets reflect desired longer-term outcomes. This may mean that targets start to focus on the PfA (Preparing for Adulthood) pathways of “Employment”, “Independent Living”, “Friends, Relationship & Community and “Good Health”.

At 16 and into FE, there is an even greater focus on ensuring that we capture wishes and feelings in all decisions about the future of our young people. Due attention is paid to the Mental Capacity Act 2005, which seeks to ensure that decision making, wherever possible, is done with the involvement of the young person. We recognise too, that as part of this process, young people are allowed to make unwise decisions and that this can serve as an important learning tool.  Where necessary, a Best Interests approach to decision-making will be facilitated in a multi-disciplinary manner. This ensures that the young person remains at the centre of their journey.

In Grizedale, post-19 provision has been developed to continue a trajectory into the adult world in our local community. The focus at this stage is now on supporting the young adult and their family to access the adult services, facilities and systems that will enable them to reach their potential. This will continue to be an individualised approach and will be maintained until the young adult is ready to commence the next stage of their journey.

“The Loyne has changed our whole family’s lives for the better. The support the entire school show is amazing. It has been incredible seeing my daughter thrive since starting at the Loyne“

Parental feedback on Annual Report 2023

“The School has embraced the Whole Approach, and their ethos is aligned to improving Quality of Life for everyone. Some excellent work is being undertaken with parents and individuals around Co-Production”

PROACT-SCIPr instructor feedback