Top Tips for Talking

This DVD shows teaching assistants working with youngsters with delayed language and communication difficulties. These activities are ideal for mainstream KS 1 children and for SLD/ MLD pupils.

There is an emphasis on visual cues, careful adult prompting, motivating resources and focussed activities.

This resource is based on four areas of need which includes Listening and Attention, Comprehension, Speech Sounds and Expression.

Key teaching points and tips are highlighted during the demonstration sessions.

In addition there are guidance booklets giving further activity ideas and information on strategies, in addition to an illustrated “shopping list” for items to buy that are used on the DVD.

This DVD pack was produced following requests from mainstream staff from over 60 schools who had loaned Top Tips for Talking resource boxes which were developed with a speech and language therapist.

Cost £40 Plus £3 Postage and Packaging

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