As a school, we place a great deal of importance upon the positive emotional and mental health of our pupils, students and staff.

We recognise that the educational, medical and communication needs of our children mean that they are more vulnerable to suffering from mental health issues and that, they may be unable to recognise or articulate these to others.

Over recent years, staff training has had a specific focus around strategies that can be used to support the Wellbeing of pupils and students including the use of mindfulness, relaxation, the creative arts and physical activity.

In addition, training has also centred on supporting the communication of feelings, anxieties and mood.

Throughout the year we have Wellbeing focus days, which are underpinned by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) Five Ways to Wellbeing themes of Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give. In each age phase, pupils and students are given opportunities to experience the positive impact on Wellbeing of each theme by engaging in activities appropriate to their age and ability.

We are currently working alongside Salford University to support research into how the outdoors can have a positive impact upon the emotional health and Wellbeing of our younger pupils.

Pupil on bike
FE Student and Member of staff on excerise equipment