Withdrawal from the curriculum

At the beginning of each term, parents and carers are informed about the curriculum that their child will access. The Loyne Curriculum is carefully considered and is planned to teach pupils meaningful skills, knowledge and understanding at a cognitively appropriate level across a broad range of curriculum areas. However, it is important for Parents and Carers to know that they have the right to withdraw their child from specific aspects of the national curriculum:

  • Religious Education (RE) lessons, and
  • Sex education (for secondary aged students). Please note that pupil’s cannot be withdraw from Health Education or the Relationships Education element of Relationships and Sex Education or aspects that are taught under the science curriculum).

If parents/carers have any questions or concerns about the curriculum in these areas we would encourage them to contact their child’s class teacher in the first instance who will be able to give further detail regarding the context and content of lessons and be able to answer any queries they have.

If however, parents/carers wish to withdraw their child from a specific curriculum aspect they should write to the Headteacher outlining their concerns.